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Welcome to INCO 4015 Conversational English     

This course is designed to help students to improve their oral communication skills.  The student progresses from simple conversations to dialogues involving specialized words and usage and finally to the organization and deliverance of oral presentations and reports.

 Students will

  1.  identify and apply the basic principles of presentation speaking.
  2. listen to and think critically about presentations.
  3. manage presentation anxiety.
  4. develop effective introductions and conclusions.
  5. make ethical decisions when preparing a presentation.
  6. use various strategies for generating audience interest.
  7. employ effective vocal and physical delivery skills.
  8. create and use presentation aids.
  9. develop informative presentations.
  10. prepare and deliver special presentations.
  11. effectively participate in group discussions.
  12. improve fluency, accuracy and pronunciation in spoken English.
  13. use technology for research and class presentations.